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Encapsulated Lost Circulations Materia

Annie Chemie Pvt. Ltd, is a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of Specialty chemicals, oil field shale gas fracking or hydraulic fracturing chemicals, Located at Dahej in Gujarat, India. Annie Chemie Pvt. Ltd, has manufacturing facilities and associates spread across USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, UAE, Nigeria, Algeria, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Dubai etc.

In oil or gas well drilling or fracturing, lost circulation occurs when drilling fluid flows into one or more geological formations instead of returning up the annulus. The problem of lost circulation occurs almost permanently during drilling operations. When drilling highly permeable, highly fractured, and depleted zones, large drilling fluid losses lead to increased operational expenses. Lost circulation can be a serious problem during the drilling of an oil or gas well. Although preferred, stopping lost circulation completely is not always possible or required. Controlled losses allow drilling to continue while keeping the wellbore full. Losses may be controlled by increasing the viscosity of the fluid with bentonite and/or polymers, or with the addition of other additives, which typically includes organic plant particles. Total losses can be regained through conventional use of increased viscosity and additives. Polymers are often used to increase the viscosity. Though these are more costly, they are more compatible with several types of fluid systems and our encapsulated lost circulations material is best suited at higher temperature. Loss Circulation Material manufactured by us are sold in several countries worldwide.


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