DIVERRTING AGENT (DA) for Shale Gas Fracturing

Diverting Agent is a chemical agent used in stimulation treatments to ensure uniform fracturing over the area to be treated. Diverting agents, also known as chemical diverters, function by creating a temporary blocking effect that is safely cleaned up following the treatment, enabling enhanced productivity throughout the treated interval.

Annie Chemie Pvt. Ltd. offers diverting agents for re-fracturing to off-set declining production rates and sustainable increase in production by Hydraulic Fracturing. In re-fracturing fractures are opened by acid treatment and acid keeps flowing same path. This flow is diverted from the fractures where diverting agent gets deposited due to resistance in flow. Then diverting agent degrades with time at specified temperature so that the gas keeps flowing.

Our product range of Diverting agents includes DA-355 can be used as HT (High Temperature) diverting agents upto 180oC and DA-LT as Lower temperature diverting agent can be used with acids.

Low Temperature Diverting Agent

DA-LT is a diverting agent for use in stimulation applications. DA-LT can be used with acids, linear gels and slickwater for high temperature applications. Compatibility tests are needed with cross-linked gels, as DA-LT might delay the crosslinking time.

DA-LT is used for sealing existing fractures and natural fractures. It can be used to protect producing zones during workover operations. It permits treatment of zones with porosity differences and separates the total treatment zone into stages. DA-LT diverting agent is offered in tight particle size distributions or mixtures thereof. Larger sized particles permit bridging and smaller sized particles bridge across the larger particles, forming a low permeability zone.

DA-LT is extremely poorly soluble in water below 90 deg F. At formation temperatures between 90 and 175 deg F, DA-LT will slowly dissolve in water and condensate.

DA-LT will soon be offered in a PSD for re-fracs, to bridge perforations and slots as wide as 0.35 inches.

DA-LT is added on the fly, be offered in a PSD for re-fracs, to bridge perforations and slots as wide as 0.35 inches.


Helps distribute treating fluids uniformly in the zone Helps control fluid distribution to perform multiple fractures Dissolves completely post treatment, leaving no residue behind Can be used up to 150 deg F BHT